Addis Ethiopia Tours, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tailor made tour to Ethiopia comprising of the Northern historic route starring the underground churches of Lalibela, Medival capital of Ethiopia, Gondar known as the Camelot of Africa for housing big complex of castles, and the oldest capital of Ethiopia Axum, the majestic obelisks and undiscovered tombs of past kings. And driving northern part of Addis see the Portuguese Bridge which was built in 16th Century.

The southern part of Ethiopia has more cultural tourism where you will experience diversity of people including the Omo Valley tribal life system combined with Great East African Rift Valley Lakes , home to endemic birds . You can also climb to the highest point Semen Mountains National Park and enjoy the endemic Gelada baboons, Wales Ibex, and the rare Ethiopian wolf. We have a lot to show our clients and feel free to ask us about your interests and time, so we can arrange your tour based on your specifications.


by Adisu Getu