Adventure 254 & Kiboko Kenya Safari, Nairobi, Kenya

Adventure 254 is a tourism, travel and conversation enthusiast and avid blogger. Kiboko Kenya Safaris is a tour operator with vast experience in high end wildlife and beach holiday safaris to Kenya, Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

I wish to introduce to you Kiboko Kenya Safaris Ltd.; a tour company based in Nairobi, Kenya and has been offering tours and services across Kenya and Tanzania including the coastal towns of Mombasa, Malindi, Diani and Zanzibar. Our safaris are private and flexible meaning it can depart any day depending on client’s travel needs. These safaris range from budget, standard, luxury to high-end options.

Our popular safaris and tours consist of;

  1. Wildlife Safaris
  2. Photography tours
  3. Golfing tours
  4. Safari & Beach Holidays
  5. Weekend Getaways
  6. Birding Tours
  7. Mountain Climbing
  8. Kenya & Tanzania Combined safaris
  9. Fly-In Safaris

Apart from these safaris there are add-on activities that spice these tours. They include; balloon safaris, boat ride, guided nature walks, cycling and water sports activities at the coast.

We strongly believe in long-term relationships with our clients and we go to great lengths to ensure our clients receive services as promised and strive to even go beyond their expectations. Some of our popular services that come alongside tours and safaris include;

  1. Tour consultancy
  2. Hotel Reservations
  3. Airport-hotel-airport transfers
  4. Tour Guiding
  5. Local flight bookings.


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by Noel Mutugi

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