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The Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center provides the highest quality data and analysis about the global travel and tourism industry.

This includes historical data and five-year forecasts on more than 70 major markets. We focus on tourism demand and flows and economic impact, as well as providing comprehensive data covering major sectors including hotels, airlines, travel intermediaries and car rental. This market data is augmented with market and macroeconomic driver data that provides our analysts and economists with the information to produce five-year forecasts.Supporting this comprehensive set of data, we produce hundreds of insightful reports each year on city, country and global developments.

The Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center also features a unique construction project database that tracks the biggest travel and tourism related construction projects across the world, including airports, hotels, resorts and shopping malls.Our clients are able to keep on top of all of the latest developments from initial brief right throughout the construction process until completion. This enables them to quickly discover where the latest construction hot spots are and determine whether expansion in these areas is a viable business strategy. Data export tools enable clients to secure the information they need, and our Ask an Analyst service provides direct, unlimited access to our analysts, economists and researchers.

Through the financial deals database, theTravel and Tourism Intelligence Center enables clients to understand where deals are happening and why. The database provides global coverage of M&A, venture capital, equity and debt offerings, asset purchases, partnerships and land transactions. There are daily updates on deal progress, and key information is provided on investors, advisers and financiers, as well as analysis of investment, fundraising and valuation trends by industry and geography.

The Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center’s company profiles enable clients to evaluate potential customers or suppliers, find partnering and M&A opportunities, or track competitors. There are over 5,000 company profiles, including business description, financials and location/subsidiary details, SWOT analysis, key employees and biographies, competitor overview, news and deals coverage.

To keep abreast of key events in your interest areas, the Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center also has an extensive feed of daily news, covering travel and tourism projects, contracts, new products and services, strategic changes, corporate expansions and contractions and regulatory breakthroughs.

The Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center’s intuitive, cutting edge delivery platform means that you can find, understand and manipulate the data and analysis you want easily and quickly – helping you make better decisions, faster.

Our comprehensive market data and forecast reports ensure our clients have all of the intelligence they need to inform their strategic planning process.

Covering more than 70 countries worldwide, we produce hundreds of reports each year focusing on key issues and trends relating to tourism demand and flows, tourism economic impact, and all the key performance indicators related to hotels, airlines, car rentals and travel intermediaries. The reports also include detailed company profiles, macroeconomic and demographics outlooks, and SWOT analyses.This provides clients with quick and easy access to unique data and analysis to support their decision making.

Our reports leverage the views of our extensive panels of senior industry executives in order to generate primary research on emerging topics. That means our reports can provide an evidenced-based approach even where there is little or no established data or research. These unique surveys, combined with in-depth case studies, allow you to benchmark and cross check your thinking and strategies against those of the industry as a whole

In addition to global and country-level data and reports, we provide detailed analysis of more than 100 key cities, offering unique insight for business developers and strategy planners across a range of key sectors, including tourism. Given the unstoppable global trend in urbanisation, we cater for the needs of travel and tourism professionals to understand opportunities and risks in major cities around the world. The analysis is centered on the PESTEL framework, providing insight on political issues, economic performance, social and demographic trends, technological and infrastructure developments, environmental conditions, and the legal and corporate setting. For the travel and tourism industry, we provide focused analysis at the city-level on the inbound and domestic market, available accommodation, airport capacity and airlines, tourist attractions, key construction projects, and major events