Caribbean Bookins Inc, Saint Lucia

Caribbean Bookins Inc. was created by the merging of two innovative business concepts by the Managing Directors/founders of Reservations Unlimited Inc. and respectively. The integrated concepts derived a synchronized business case that encompasses a centralized room inventory reservations management system, with an integrated website and booking engine for the promotion, marketing and sale of resorts, hotels, villas, apartments and rented homes accommodation inventory island- wide within the short to medium term, and expansion to the wider Caribbean region in the longer term.
The holistic plan also included the provision of optional ancillary services of air and seaport transfers, Representative services. Local tours, executive cab services and events. This would be in-keeping with one of our key objectives of creating brand visibility and the Caribbean bookins quintessential service experience to our guests from initial enquiry through departure from our shores.


1.Promotion of The ICTP membership benefits to the local Hospitality sector
2.Volunteer to become a membership ambassador to ICTP in St.Lucia
3. Extend the promotion of ICTP membership mobilization within the Eastern Caribbean and the wider Caribbean region.


1.Networking and participation in Trade shows
2. capitalizing on the benefits to be derived from membership
3. Utilizing this forum to engage strategic partners for inter regional and international trading.
4.ICTP accreditation


by Edmund Sidonie