Ecoreach Foundation, Nepal

Ecoreach is a volunteer-based organization uniquely dedicated to Nepal. Our mission is to fight poverty and improve the living standards of people by using volunteers skills to support local communities. We provide best eco-friendly travel solution in the tourism industry in the country. For this, we collaborate with people and organization from broad sectors. Our vision is to make Nepal one of the most sought ecotourism destinations in the world. We strive to build a professional ecotourism network, which serves as a model for ecotourism in Asia. Ecoreach also provides meaningful – adventure travel & volunteer programs for life-changing travel experiences to enrich the lives of both travelers & local communities.

Ecoreach is committed to contributing to ICTP to reach its goal by actively participating its activities. Ecoreach is a dedicated organization working to promote Eco-Tourism in Nepal. We are always committed to sharing our experiences with the larger ICTP community.

Ecoreach strives to become a genuine partnership coalition with ICTP to meet our objectives in green economy and sustainable tourism industry in the Himalayan country. We are looking for collaboration with the partner companies and like minded people from all around the world. ICTP membership will help us to connect with global network of it’s member which is very important for us to learn more on sustainable travel and tourism.

by Niranjan Phuyal