Fun of Travel, California, USA

We develop travel guides for tourists which are published on our website as a free service
to travelers. Each travel story/guide highlights our first-hand experiences at a destination and is illustrated with our own photography. Each “story”, actually a website, can be embedded or linked to other on-line sites for additional exposure.

Readers/viewers use the “stories” ideate and plan their own travel and gain useful information for their journeys.

Our travel is in cooperation with travel destinations: countries, provinces, tourism offices, Chambers of Commerce, etc. We do not charge for our services, but we are invited, hosted and assisted by the destination when on site.


Joseph Cillo
FOR ICTP Members
We are pleased to offer to develop these on-line guides at no charge to any ICTP member.If interested, please contact:
– Joseph Cillo, Publisher & Editor in Chief
Fun Of Travel –

Mary Buttaro, Kentfield, CA USA