Globetrotter 3t , Chicago, IL, USA

G3t has Global Trade, Tourism & Technology Development + Marketing Capabilities
G3t utilizes Connections + resources for Foreign Investment Cultivation + Development.
G3t has Connections, including USA and foreign governments, as well as Global NGOs, Academia, private sector businesses, media/press, Advertising/Marketing/PR Industry, Entertainment
G3t Deploys considerable expertise to help business to Target with a Laser-Like Precision, Reach with Surgical Precision, Engage Creatively, Sell to and Nurture Long-Term Relations with Optimum Business, Trade, Government, Institutional, Academic, Professional and Consumer Prospective Customers; Globally!

by Drew Barrett

INTERESTED: Evangelizing + Promoting Modern New Media, T&T Marketing Practices + Education!; as well as New T&T Marketing Education!!!