Hotel and Tourism Training Institute, Lusaka, Zambia

Hotel and Tourism Training Institute is a higher education school specializing in Tourism education in Zambia, whose mission is: “To provide quality training in applied arts, sciences and commerce to local and international students in order to fulfill requirements of the labour market”. The vision is: “To be a leading tourism and hospitality training Institute in Southern Africa by 2030.”

The goal is to: “To provide superior market responsive training, upgrade and expand infrastructure and facilities in order to contribute to the fulfillment of the demands of the tourism and hospitality industry.”

HTTI endeavors to provide quality and market responsive training in tourism and hospitality in order to produce qualified and competent graduates as we expand and upgrade infrastructure and facilities at the institute in order to create a conducive training environment.

We are an academic higher institution and am Director for the Institute

We engage in CSPR And also give tuition waivers to vulnerable categories who want to study at our Institute. Interested in cooperation and interaction.

by Wilson Silungwe