Imperial Nepal Treks & Expedition (Pvt.) Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal

The world knows Nepal as the land of the Himalayas. The tallest peak of the world, Mt. Everest draws hundreds of thousands of trekking enthusiasts like you to this beautiful country. Imperial Nepal was born out of our enthusiasm to help you come close to this hospitable country we call home. We welcome you to our home, which you will soon be calling a home away from home.

We are based in Thamel, the tourist hub of Kathmandu. There is no dearth of trekking agencies and tour operators here. Everyone is running a race to call themselves the best operator. Imperial Nepal was born out of our determination to pave a unique path rather than run the old race. We believe in breaking stereotypes to help you provide the best window to enjoy the Himalayas.

Thus at Imperial Nepal, we take great pride in tailoring the best itineraries that tick every boxes that is on your list. Right from the first mail to the final goodbye after you enjoy your dream holiday in Nepal, we go out of our way to assist you. Our objective is to provide you anything but the best once you let us know what you are looking for. There are reasons why we are called Imperial Nepal- for the royal experience we manufacture for you.

Imperial Nepal offers carefully tailored itineraries of Himalayan holidays including treks, expeditions and tours in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. We are a team of three close friends who work in a warm and welcoming environment. Like you, we are also fond of travelling the Himalayas to enjoy in rugged beauty and unravel its legendary mysteries. We are as passionate about travel as you are. Trust us; we will get you closest to your perfect holiday in the Himalayas.

As a local trek operator, we have adopted a policy of giving back to the community. We believe that change is a process and it comes about as a result of small efforts. We have joined hands with Oasis Orphanage, a local charity that homes around 50 orphans. Through our “one student at a time” initiative, we help one orphan for each guest who books with us. The proceedings will go towards the education of those children. We aim to increase our social engagement as we grow.

Our Mission:
To serve all the trekkers and travelers around the globe with the best, reliable, sincere, and affordable travel experiences in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

Simply because we understand that it’s not just about great itineraries and good trekking routes, it’s also about the support, sincerity and hospitality that counts for a satisfying delightful trip. With trained and skilled staffs, quality service assuring safety, stress-free travel, hygiene, good accommodation and adequate support, Imperial Nepal Treks and Expedition is recognized as the most dependable travel agency in Nepal.

by Anuj Bajracharya