International Institute for Research and Development of Special Interest Tourism – SITI 1, Iran

International Institute for Research and Development of Special Interest Tourism (SITI 1) was established in 2015 based on the two decades study and research about challenges and needs of tourism industry in order to provide scientific solutions for answering the questions encountered by the tourism industry in local, national and international levels. Founding members of SITI 1 who have determined enrichment of soul and spirit as their major goal, consist of an international professional and expert team in different tourism fields like hotels, tours, airlines, restaurants, handcrafts, food, academic and education services, health tourism and halal tourism.
Currently, this institute is planning to establish representative offices in six major tourism destinations in the world. These destinations are Spain (for covering Europe), Malaysia, Turkey, Georgia, Oman, UAE and U.S. Some of these branches will be opened in 2016.
Services and activities of SITI 1 are planned in following seven main cores:
1. Providing scientific and technical solutions
2. Research and development (R&D)
3. Ranking, Accreditation and Validation
4. SITI 1 Global Card

5. International certificates and standards for special interest tourism and halal tourism
6. SITI 1 International Awards for Halal Tourism and Special Interest Tourism
7. Specific short-term education courses related to tourism
It is worthy to mention that this institute is ready to cooperate with all universities, scientific and research centers, research and development institutes in national and international level about different tourism issues and technical, economic and cultural aspects of travel, tourism and hospitality. Therefore, this institute welcomes any new idea, cooperation, expert opinion, innovation and other fields for common cooperation.

SITI 1 Mission
To serve Muslim and non-Muslim tourists and travelers to enrich their soul and spirit through products of Special Interest Tourism and Halal Tourism.

SITI 1 Vision
To encourage and motivate each tourist to search for products and services of Special Interest Tourism and Halal Tourism in all tourist destinations.


Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh