itcs turzim seyahat acentasi, Turkey

Cargo Tourism:
We are at ITCS believe that hardworking and co-operation can create new opportunities to override all obstacles and difficulties no matter how great they are, the company is a new start over for a twenty years’ experience in tourism, travel and cargo in Arabian, Turkish and north Africa market. The company was established in February 2016 as startup point to reach globalism providing high quality and experienced services, keening to offer high standard services to our customers and being more competitive in the important global markets.
The start in 1994 in Syria by providing air, sea and land cargo services then managed to be a lead mark in that market and we entered tourism and travel industry to provide our customers full services in most sufficient and quality way, and we were able to create new market and build a wide based of loyal customers.
Our philosophy stands that working together with our agents and performing high standard we can create big opportunities despite all possible obstacles no matter how difficult they are, our company is established in this exact idea and the new startup in Turkish market in which we have more than fifteen years of experience and besides our partnership with many distinguished companies in this market, this will enable us to service our customers in the same high standard we used to serve during last years.

by Esmail Sharaf

For ICTP Members
We can be your Representative in Turkey, offering ICTP member all facilities as well advising all fairs and new updates of the market.

We would like to have as many partners as available in ITCP, we think that every agent has an additional value to the whole group, we add our value to yours and all get useful of the whole group work.