Karuizawa Language Academy, Japan

Karuizawa Language Academy is a new business, recently launched, under the umbrella of K.K. Itoh International, Inc.

It is an international company, founded by an American citizen, managed by a Tunisian citizen, and located in the beautiful resort town of Karuizawa, Japan, which has the exceptional distinction of hosting both a Summer and Winter Olympics! Language classes have begun! Future business adventures will include sightseeing trips within Karuizawa for tourists and guests to this magnificent town, along with international trips to other countries with hosts who can speak the local languages for translating, learning, enjoying other cultures. We love meeting people from all countries, cultures, religions, and backgrounds. We have a strong belief in uniting the peoples of the world through peace, understanding, and dialogue!


by Judy Itoh

I have been truly blessed to have real friends on 6 continents! (I have yet to meet anybody from Anarctica). My close friends are from most ethnic groups, all major religions, various sexual orientations, and speak various languages as native tongues. I have been told numerous times that I am a very diplomatic, understanding, and open person. I wish to promote peace and understanding among people. Misunderstandings and misconceptions are the root of much intolerance. I hope that I can do something, no matter how small or big, to alleviate these intolerances. Thank you