Knack, Mumbai, India

Specialized services supporting travel & tourism businesses, who would like to tap into India. This includes Tourisim Boards, Hotels, DMC’s etc.
Making India closer to you, with our valuable:
• Representation
• Sales & Marketing
• Public Relation services.
Make India an important target market. Making the Indian Traveler, travel in the correct way, do the right things and experience originality. Leave the how, what, when and where to us. Just motivate yourself not to make any compromises. Make every trip count! And up your level of expectations, to tap into this huge Indian Travel Market and build a solid bond with India.
Knack is a specialist in developing and implementing focused strategies to enhance and expand tourism businesses. This includes various methods to target the travel trade industry, media and ultimately reach the consumer in order to create that magical conversion of sale.
We also assist our clients to determine the scope of work necessary in order to optimize potential and achieve their tourism objectives.

by Medha Sampat