Manaaki Adventures NZ, Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand

Manaaki Adventures was created in 2013 by Hemi Coates and Dan Meade. We are an adventure tour organisation providing exciting experiences on and off the beaten track. We cater specifically for overseas students and provide an opportunity for them to grow and develop as individuals while experiencing exciting and new experiences in the breath-taking scenery our country has to offer.

We incorporate Tikanga Maori or Maori culture and practices into our tours and have a strong focus on safety and providing meaningful experiences.

We offer two main packages:

1. Adventure tours all around the country which hit the most popular tourist destinations as well as the hidden gems. The focus of these tours may include education, service, adventure or sport and each tour is customized to the needs of the group. Under this umbrella also comes our set itineraries.

2. Rugby tours incorporating top level coaches, conditioning, video analysis, and nutrition as well as adventure.

At Manaaki Adventures NZ we’re about providing a meaningful experience for our guests and take pride in the fact people come away having truly benefitted from their experience.


We’re keen to start forming meaningful relationships with travel partners overseas.

by Dan Meade