Ministry of Economic of the Republic of Armenia


In the Republic of Armenia , tourism with its development and its results is one of the most dynamically developing branches of the country. The governmental policy objectives of tourism area are determined by tourism and touristic activities on the Law of the Republic of Armenia and Tourism Development Plan approved by The Government on 13 February, 2008. The purpose of the governmental policy of tourism area is to enhance touristic contributions in national fund, balanced regional development, increase of living standards of population, the process of poverty reduction conditioned by :


1. increase the number of tourist visits

2. increase income from tourism

3. creating job opportunities


Statistic of the sphere

According to statistical data – the number of incoming tourist arrivals to Armenia in 2012 comprised 843 330 or 11.3% growth in the number of incoming tourist arrivals was reported towards the index of 2011. In 2012 the number of outgoing tourists was 806 555 or 12.8% growth was reported towards the index of 2011.


According to statistical data – the number of incoming tourist arrivals to Armenia in January-June, 2013, comprised 321 279 or 14.3% growth in the number of incoming tourist arrivals was reported towards the index the same period of 2012.


In January-June 2013, the number of outgoing tourists was 343 263 or the index has shown 13.6% growth towards the index of the same period of 2012.



Marketing Policy


Realizing marketing policy in tourism industry and presenting Armenia as an attractive and favorable touristic country, the formation of description and aiming to present in international market for public-private sector co-operation was carried out extensive work on the presentation of Armenian tourism attractiveness. A number of related materials, booklets about the distribution, installments, reference books and tourist maps were developed and published.


The outcome of tourism of Armenia was continuously presented in the international exhibitions, which is very important for the stable development of tourism industry in the country. In 2011 Armenia participated in the “Vakantiebeurs 2011”(Utrecht) and the “ITB 2011”(Berlin), “Top Rosa 2010” was organized in Paris, the 11-st “CTS” international tourism exhibition was organized in Yerevan.

  • The celebration for the International Tourism Day
  • Cultural events – Festival in Akhtala
  • Wine Festival in Areni



International Cooperation


Joining the United Nations World Tourism Organization , Armenia actively cooperates with UNWTO membership countries and is involved in the large variety of programs in this field. Due to the cooperation with the UNWTO on 3-6 of July in 2011, the general secretary of UNWTO Mr. Taleb Rifai visited Armenia. During the visit consisted in the meetings with the President, the Prime-Minister and with the representatives of tourism industry, discussions about the global problems in the world tourism industry, as well as the questions about the regional tourism and “The singing of memorandum about the sympathy of the regional developing of South Caucasus among the UNWTO and the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Armenia. During the visit consisted the meeting with the President of Republic of Armenia, during which was delivered the open letter.


On 8-14 of October in 2011 Armenia participated in the 19th session of General Assembly of UNWTO in Gyanju in Korea. During the session was discussed the question of organizing the tourism international convention in autumn in 2012 in Armenia.


In the frame of the convention consisted in also the exhibition-contest of Vettor Giusti tourism posters, in which were participated the UNWTO member countries. In the result of Vettor Giusti tourist posters exhibition-contest the presenting Armenia had won, which in the nomination of People’s Choice Award.


Since 2006 Armenia participates the “Cultural Tourism and the Road of Wine” programs’ in the frame of “Kiev Initiative” project, which has been by European Union. The Ministry of Economy of Republic of Armenia joined with the Educational and training Institutions Union(APETIT) in Asia and Pacific ocean area in the tourism sector.



The educational system of the field


Regular assistance is provided to support the educational institutions in the educational field of the Tourism industry .They provide the necessary information and professional materials to the students. In order to increase the professional qualification in the frame of partnership with the different countries, public and private sector professionals are trained in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Japan. Armenian tourism organizations are held regularly to discuss issues related to the field and are organized round tables.


The specialists of the tourism industry /managers and specialists of the middle link/were educated by the following educational institutes.

  • Armenian Institute of Tourism, the branch of Russian International Academy of Tourism
  • Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University
  • Moscow State University of Service and Tourism, branch of Yerevan.
  • Management University of Yerevan
  • The French University in Armenia
  • The College of Humane
  • Armenian-Greek State College of tourism, service and food industry
  • Armenian State University of Economics
  • Armenian State University of Economics(the branches of Eghegnadzor and Ijevan)
  • The linguistic State University of Erevan by V.Bryusov.




State Tourism Development Projects


  1. “ Tsakhkadzor as a tourism center corresponding to the international standards” the program of the solving of problem, which was confirmed on 9th of June in 2005,according to the N 948-N decision of governmental conference.
  2. ”The tourism developing program 2010 in Republic of Armenia” was confirmed on 11th of February in 2010 according to N208-N decision of governmental conference.
  3. 2008-2012 festival program according to the hayecakarg of developing tourism was confirmed on 16th of October in 2008 according to N1822-N decision of governmental conference.
  4. The 2008-2012 strategy of developing of Jermuk city was confirmed on 16th of July in 2009,according to N29-N decision of governmental conference.
  5. The governmental decision of Republic of Armenia about “Tatev tourism center” was confirmed on 26th of June in 2009,according to N848-N decision of governmental conference.
  6. “The services of tourism assistance” the decision of Republic of Armenia, about confirming of 2011 program, was confirmed on 13th of January in 2011,according to N78-N decision of governmental conference.
  7. The calendar of tourism festival was carried out with assistance of The Ministry of Economy of Republic of Armenia in 2012.


Since the 1-st of January in 2011 isn’t licensed the activity of guides and escorts. At the same time we inform that today the taxis for the licensed guides and escorts is stopped. The process of qualification of the objects of the hotel economy, during the process of qualification 30 hotel economy objects have received the qualification.


The qualification of the hotel economy objects is voluntary and is carried out by the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development, according to the N946 governmental decision of Republic of Armenia in 10.06.2004.The qualificated hotel economy object received certificate.



Industry and public sector


The public sector tourism organizations are the following:

  • “Armenia’s Union of Incoming Tour Operators’ Association of legal entities,
  • “The Armenian Guides Guild” civil society organization,
  • ” Armenian Tourism in association” NGO,
  • “The Armenian representation of American Travel Agents » (ASTA),
  • “The Armenian Ecotourism Association” NGO.
  • Armenia “Hotel Union” Union of Legal Entities.

Department of Tourism of the RA Ministry of Economy is responsible for development of tourism in the Republic of Armenia. Tel. (+374 11) 59-71-55