Musical Adventure Trekking Pvt, Ltd.

Welcome to Himalayas! Countries of trekker’s Paradise!!

Musical Adventure Trekking Pvt. Ltd is well known name in Nepal tourism industries. We are the government authorization tour operator in Nepal and we have been conducting trip since last decades. We are the team of professional and our team member are dedicate of experience leading tour and trek in Himalayan countries such as Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India.
Our trip always concentrating to support local community and helping to clean environment, where we operate our trip.
We always aiming to implement local products and hire local porter, Sherpa’s in that way we can directly help in their economics. As we are a responsible tour operator in Nepal, We never assume any activity that goes against the nature, environment, culture and society such as unregulated tourism. We believes that the nature beauty, multi-culture and our heritage passionate you then you will says, “ Naturally beauty once is not enough”


What we can contribute:

We would contribute my traveling experience of Nepal India and Bhutan which could be very helpful for them who are planning to visit these countries.

by Dil Gurung