Pleasure Ethiopia Tours and Travel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Pleasure Ethiopia Tours and Travel is an inbound tour company based in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It is owned by a highly qualified tour operator striving to bring about a change in the tourism industry with its professional circle. It gives a great care for the ecology through participatory activities engaging the local communities at destination thereby creating awareness and preserving the natural, cultural and historical heritages. This is what’s called ‘RESPONSIBLE TOURISM’

The company operates through out the nation. It offers variety of tour packages for groups and/or tailor made or individuals customizing as per their interest and budgets.

FOR ICTP MEMBERS: As tourism is a peaceful industry that brings people together in harmony narrowing the gap, I would do my level best to bring the ICTP community to bring together so that all can be aware what Ethiopia has to offer for the outside world not to mention it’s the leading nation in Africa with 11 world heritages registered by UNESCO, 9 NATURAL AND CULTURAL, and 2 INTANGIBLES.

INTERESTED IN: Since every day is a school, I am ready to learn others’ experience in the tourism industry and also eager to know what kind of community is found in ICTP.

Share information about tourism and related matters.

Thank You
Nahome Bekele