PT. LINTAS MERIDIAN WISATA, Ngada, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Meridian Tours is officially registered as PT Lintas Meridian Wisata. We are not mere a business instrument to fight for profit in tour and travel line, but we exist on Flores to be the pioneer of presenting the values of service in tourism and hospitality world.

We have been working for years with many stakeholders to develop tourism on this new developing destination to improve quality of service to be more valuable and meaningful both for visitors and for the locals in a sustainability development. We have been working with local communities, governments and international NGO to raise public awareness to quality service in tourism and to develop tourism sustainably.

On that stream we have run practically showing the way how to do properly in tourism line. With our legal registration no AHU-0129615.AH.01.11.2016 and TDP No 2409345002250 we finally decide to be active in the field and directly serve in tourism line through which we may spread the values and culture of service in hospitality world. In doing this, we do not chase for mere profit but our main goal is that there will be well structured a culture of service and universally acceptable manner and pattern of behavior in serving to the visitors from distinctive backgrounds. And the paramount of all is best service that may convenient and satisfy those who visit the island.

With this commitment, Lintas Meridian Wisata sets herself as a professional tour and travel company that has built a reputation for Flores and the islands beyond as the most attractive destination and the most hospitable inhabitants; an island and people those have strength to attract the visitors from all over the world and worthy to be remembered.

We are fully supporting to social and humanitarian projects in cooperation with Atmapaksi Foundation. 1,5 percent income will be donated to the Foundation. So, by touring with us you are participating in this social and humanitarian works.