Sunday Olawuyi, Federal College of Animal Health & Production, Nigeria

I work in tertiary institution of learning (Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Vom) in Nigeria. At the College, I work as a lecturer/facilitator of Entrepreneurship Development and Practice. My work includes training the youths to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and skill. The focus of the training is hands-on, while 70% of the training is in practical business project development, marketing and management.

At the College, we organize product exhibition to show case the students’ products.

I intend to contribute to the ICTP community through information sharing with other r members. This is with particular reference to business development efforts of the youths and rural community dwellers in Nigeria.

This information will particularly focus on the creative potentials of Nigerians in the areas of small scale business development.I intend to let other emebers know the how of developing small scale business in Nigeria and the reason while creativity is a major success factor in small scale business development in Nigeria.

I am interested in benefiting from ICTP community members, experience, particularly in the development of small scale business. Such knowledge will help me in impacting on my students, who are mostly youths,as an entrepreneurship development educator.