Sungani Zakwathu Cultural Heritage Association, Malawi

I am the Executive and Artistic Director for Sungani Zakwathu Cultural Heritage Association which promotes culture.I am also a UNESCO Trainer of Trainers for the 2003 Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Marketing Malawi’s rich culture hence Malawi is called the Warm Heart of Africa

I would love to learn from this community on how their respective countries have developed culture into a very viable tourism product so that I can also do the same here.If it is possible I would love to visit some successful cultural tourism destinations,especially during festivals and other events to see how these events are organized and patronized.Attending workshops and conferences on the same would also be a very important learning exercise.

Matthews Dontone Mfune


(265)999 563 031  or  (265)881 898 295


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