Tangible Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

My passion for tourism. I get energized about the impact tourism can have on both the local economy and the environment. There is nothing more satisfying than showcasing a hidden gem to potential visitors, or convincing someone they should try hiking in an area they had never previously considered. Knowing that I play a role in making a positive difference, however small it may be, is the greatest job in the world!

We must Start marketing with a purpose ,Without the correct combination of tourism marketing strategies, tools, and technology, our travel business will not able to find potential clients, and even more importantly, those potential clients will not be able to find Us,Hence looking partnership with responsible tourism Industry concerned Agency.


We are a supplier and would like to contribute to ICTP Community
As you know Ethiopia has one of the richest and best-documented
histories in the world and it is the site of some of the oldest human
settlements in Africa.
With eight entries on UNESCO’s register of World Heritage Sites, no
other African country has more sites listed than Ethiopia,

We like to promote our tour products in order to get more business and more
customers from all around the World through ICTP members partnership for mutual benefit for long term.

by Mistru Tesfaye