The iTravel Channel TV Media Network | KRSR Media, Thailand

An industry leader, The iTravel Channel TV Media Network is focused on travel & tourism, hospitality, and commercial aviation in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, with Myanmar and The Philippines as new markets. We publish and distribute videos (HD) including travel/tourism news, travel tips, city guides, and much more. Our goal is to promote the travel/tourism industry while connecting consumers in the west with the best travel products and experiences Thailand, Myanmar, and The Philippines has to offer.

The iTravel Channel Media Network is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

FOR ICTP MEMBERS: We are always open to collaboration with other organizations in the travel & tourism industry. As we specialize in video, we have our own production company and would be pleased to provide specials to ICTP members for video production and post-editing services. As a media outlet, we are always looking to promote quality travel/tourism.

INTERESTED: I’d like to learn more about the ICTP community as well as exchange ideas, concepts, and latest trends to improve promotion of the travel/tourism industry.

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