The Tour Collective, Maui, Hawaii, USA

The tour collective was born out of our love for travel. We started with the idea, that as travel veterans, who have explored and lived all over the world, we could use our knowledge to envision, engage and provide the best travel experiences for everyone.
Our thirst for exploration and the global nomadic life was the inspiration for the company’s motto: Explore everything. We feel that the world has endless amounts of beauty, culture, and potential for learning, so we made it our mission to promote exciting sightseeing tours, activities, and experiences to as many travelers as possible.

Although one of the younger organizations, the tour collective is infused with energy and passion and we are incredibly ambitious about sharing our experience and passion for travel with like-minded individuals. The tour collective is quickly gathering momentum, expanding across the globe and making fantastic connections with fellow tour suppliers and tour operators, all eager to promote unique travel experiences. 

by Lisa Shipley