Tornos, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tornos is a tour company that specialises in curated experiences and offers some very exclusive tours, most of which are recommended by Conde Nast Traveller, Loney Planet and National Geographic Traveler. It has been into tourism since 1994 and has evolved with changing times and needs of today’s discerning travellers.

Today Tornos is considered to be a benchmark of flawless services, great quality and high standards in tourism. It is not an overnight achievement but an undeterred and a committed journey of 22 years. At times we turn back to see, what have we left behind ? only to find that we left behind nothing, rather carried along with us, our enthusiasm that we had on the day of our opening, our commitment that we had to excel and make all around us feel proud of us, we carried along our gene of being innovative, our spirit of teamwork, our faith in our clients to whom we owe so much, our humble personality and an attitude of ‘never say die’. While our journey continues with the same baggage, we are more cautious, as all look up to us as an institution, rather than a business house.

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Prateek Hira