Tourism Cares

Protecting the Heart of Travel, Together.

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the travel experience for future generations.
Tourism Cares, a 501(c)3 nonprofit*, is the charitable community of the travel and tourism industry.  We unite the industry in three initiatives where, in addition to individual company efforts, we can make a greater difference by working together:

  1. Tourism Cares channels the philanthropic passion and commitment of the travel industry to protect and restore emerging or at-risk destinations we all care about, such as New Orleans after Katrina, Plimoth Plantation, the Los Angeles Waterfront near San Pedro, and most recently, Nepal.  Through volunteering, grants, business connections and advocacy, we invest in high potential destinations where tourism can be an engine of prosperity and community pride.
  2. Our community invests in the future of our workforce, offering scholarships and mentoring programs to ensure that the best talent enters the travel industry – and stays and excels, to better serve the traveling public and our communities; and
  3. Together, we improve and champion the industry’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). Giving back is in the DNA of travel professionals and companies — it is our job to enable those who want to get started to do so; to help those who want to take their giving program to the next level, and to recognize and leverage leaders in the field for the benefit of all.  We promote excellence in travel industry CSR via peer learning, awards and exemplars, PR and communications, consulting and private label services, research and advocacy.

We believe giving back is an area where we should all collaborate, not compete: that we give better together. We complement and leverage existing corporate foundations, giving campaigns and other philanthropic efforts.  We help businesses get the most out of their giving for their causes and their companies, and getting involved is easy, affordable and fun.

Founded by NTA and USTOA in 2003, with representation from ASTA, IATAN and many of the industry’s leading companies and associations, we span and connect the entire industry around giving back.

*To see Tourism Cares’ most recent Audited Financial Statements click here