Upright Position Communications, California, USA

Upright Position Communications is Silicon Valley’s IPO public relations firm, specializing in strategic communications counsel.

IPO communications is at the heart of what we do. This approach also applies for companies of all sizes looking to move beyond reactive PR and the occasional press release. Building PR infrastructure, creating communications strategy and crafting core messaging and storylines is where Upright excels.

Upright is headed by Paul Wilke, a 20 year PR veteran who has worked with on some of NASDAQ and NYSE’s most successful IPOs including Visa, Splunk and Tableau Software.


Services for ICTP members:
As a former member of President Obama’s Travel & Tourism Advisory Board, Upright CEO Paul Wilke is passionate about travel and tourism and the impact they have on the global economy. In addition to Upright’s tech and IPO work, the company also works with companies that touch the travel and tourism industries.

Our goal through ICTP is Meeting people and working with organizations committed to viable tourism economies.



We are the IPO specialists…
and that’s just the start.

When a company decides to go down the IPO path, it’s sending a message to the outside world that they’ve arrived. To deliver that message requires a communications regimen that’s more structured and reaches a broader audience than just customers – you need to reach key stakeholders in your industry, vertical industries, potential investors and the financial and business media that will cover you on a daily basis.   This way of conducting PR isn’t limited to companies on the IPO path. Having a solid communications platform in place ensures your company’s momentum is mirrored in the media. With the advent of more media channels, a flurry of social media and the alteration of traditional media, your audience has more options than ever and they will access these options to seek out authentic stories, not over-produced spin. Crafting messaging that resonates with your core audience is our focus.

We help companies tell compelling stories to
the right (and often new) audience.

You’ll hear this from us quite a bit: Public relations is about more than just issuing a press release. The best results are achieved through strong relationships, solid counsel and the right strategy and tactics. When PR is working well, it’s a well orchestrated dance routine. With solid messaging for every audience, telling the story to the right journalists and managing all internal and external communications channels, your company is in a solid position to tell it’s story in a ways that’s meaningful and impactful. That’s why we’re here for you. We provide you with PR support delivers sound counsel, precise wordsmithing and a dogged journalistic approach to finding positioning that resonates.