Volunteers Without Borders (VWB)

Thailand: Volunteers Without Borders (VWB) started life as a company CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project. Track of the Tiger T.R.D. (Tourism Resources Development.), within two years of commencing the project under a PPS (private-public-sector model,) had secured a small PATA Foundation (Pacific Asia Tourism Association Foundation) grant and won the coveted SKAL Ecotourism Award. 10 years on, it is still growing and is currently generating an average of 30’000 Baht per month in trail fee revenues for the village community.
In 2011 VWB made the transition from company CSR project and became a registered foundation in Thailand (No. Chor Mor 353). Its basic admin and overheads are still funded by the CSR budget of Track of the Tiger T.R.D., but their growing numbers of individual projects are funded by donors drawn from the company client base.

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Key team members

VWB is a foundation set up by Track of the Tiger T.R.D. VWB is therefore ably and enthusiastically supported by a compliment of well-trained Supervisors, Assistants and Administrative staff from Thailand and elsewhere.

Shane K Beary, CEO

The founder, Shane K. Beary, was born in Ireland but raised in Africa. Whilst in Africa he served with ‘C’ Squadron SAS where he functioned as a combat tracker, later spending a year at the ‘Tracking Wing’ as a bushcraft & survival instructor. Towards the end of a 7-year military career, he was inducted into a newly formed unit, the ‘Selous Scouts’, where he worked as a clandestine operative. Leaving the military in 1975 he spent 8 years as an oilfield diver in the heyday of the North Sea development. Most of that time spent as a ‘saturation diver’ on cutting edge diving projects.

He came to Thailand in 1984, built a teakwood Lodge on the Kok river, right on the Burmese border, and established his tour operation. In addition to providing ‘soft adventure tours’, he started running adventure incentive programmes, and outdoor education programmes in 1992. The company’s ‘Special Events Management’ and ‘Team Building’ programmes grew out of that early initiative. VWB was an idea that he developed in response the rapid degradation of the delicate ecosystems and community groups that Thailand tourism depends on.

Sriphan Beary, Managing Director

Khun Sriphan, as Managing Director of Track of the Tiger, oversees all financial and accounting operations and provides input to strategic planning. Having operated the initial Maekok River Lodge and tour operation, then the Maekok River Village Resort, Khun Sriphan is now based at the Head Office in Chiang Mai.

Annop Chaithanee, Director

Khun Annop is the Assistant Managing Director for Track of the Tiger and has some 15 years experience in the planning, implementation and logistical support operations for Track of the Tiger. He is the “behind the scenes” man who will ensure all events run smoothly for tourists, multinational organisations, volunteers and international schools.

Richard Casswell, Volunteer Project Manager

Having grown up on a farm in rural England Richard developed a keen interest in the outdoors and the environment from a young age. This background led him to undertake his undergraduate degree in Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University, Wales. After graduation he went on to complete an MSc in Environmental Technology at the University of Wolverhampton, brining him to the forefront of the industry. After a couple of years working as an environmental consultant to the waste industries big players he decided to travel broaden his horizons.
Whilst travelling Richard took on seasonal work to support further travels to many countries throughout SE Asia, Australia and Africa. During this time he also set up a small operation in the UK producing Biodiesel. Richard took up a position as project Coordinator for a marine research Project in Madagascar with a prominent NGO and then went on to be their SE Asia Eco Trail Leader. Richard has a sound technical Environmental background with extensive knowledge of the travel industry and volunteer projects. He also has a great love of the outdoors with a wide range of experience in many outdoor activities. He also keeps a keen eye on environmental and development issues especially in the developing world.

Supporting cast
The above management team is ably and enthusiastically supported by a compliment of well-trained Supervisors, Assistants and Administrative staff.

Volunteers Without Borders welcomes your enquiries or bookings. We ensure that all emails are responded to in a professional and personal manner within 24 hours during Thailand working hours and within 48 hours over the weekend.

VWB Office:
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