VOYAGEONS-AUTREMENT, Bourg les Valence , France is a French media plateform, which promotes responsible and sustainable tourism in France and all around the World but also provides the information in order to raise issues and trends of sustainable and responsible tourism.
The platform promotes and adds a real dynamic in order to develop, to coordinate the solidarity among the present (or even the future) actors of responsible tourism. also aims to push responsible tourism out of its niche in order to reach a wider audience, but also to impact the tourism stakeholders. is willing to encourage the responsible tourism ambassadors to give them the floor in order to make heard their voices and their opinion. The work of the highlight-qualified journalists consist in building relationships and communicating with media and through social networks.

As we have a partnership with TV5Monde, we can publish information here :
For ICTP members, article, translation and publication on TV5Monde : 200€

by Romain Vallon