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ICTP is a travel & tourism coalition of destinations and stakeholders

  • Travel & Tourism Business with a sustainable for profit approach
  • Safety and security
  • committing to Quality Services & Green Growth
  • sharing, networking and competing
  • strengthening knowledge, marketing and funding
  • smart and sustainable marketing opportunities
  • media outreach
  • awards
  • introductions and networking
  • embracing UN MDGs, Code of Tourism Ethics and Global Compact
  • advocating smart travel, community wellbeing and investments for jobs
  • members interact with members
  • Council members remain the pillow for most activities and interaction. The annual council board member fee is $5000.00
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“The Old Order Changes, Giving Way to New”… and so must we …

Giving everyone a voice is our goal. ICTP supports small, medium size and large business and destinations with a sustainable approach.

“We live in interesting times” …to paraphrase the Chinese proverb. Bizarre politico-economic shifts around the world – epitomized by the Trump and BREXIT abnormalities. Massive technology leaps, dramatically intensifying 24/7 connectivity for everyone on the planet. Climate Change which is already affecting weather and behavioural patterns. And Terror which is both passively and actively targeting travellers.

For the past 15 years ICTP has acted as a commentator on these kind of developments with a central focus on advancing Green Growth and Quality equals Business. Created and financially supported by a small group of involved industry, media and government friends it has tried to be a consistent and coherent sounding board targeting Destinations and their Stakeholders.

Our leadership organizations UNWTO, WTTC, IATA and the activities they support are preparing for these developments with an extensive list of programs and events – and if the views of those supporting genuinely transformative Sustainability and Green Growth are to be heard so must we….at the global and local levels.

ICTP will become a genuine partnership coalition, reaching out to other groups who believe in its Green Growth and Quality vision for our sector. Engaging them to advance basic shared principles. Encouraging them to participate in the industry events set up to advance sustainable tourism in a coherent way.