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Wouldn’t you want possibly millions of potential customers, both trade and consumers, as well as journalists, to be buzzing about you?

eTurboNews is a veteran in travel communication for 17 years. eTN established partnerships with most global and regional organizations, tourism boards and travel events. eTN is a partner with the CNN International Task Group.

Getting people to talk about your products doesn’t have to be complicated.  With eTN, the process is very simple.  Let’s agree on a budget  and a frequency –  and we will make people talk about your destination, your business, etc.

We’re not talking about doing an article about you and circulating it. Of course, this would be one possible element, but beyond that, we are talking about guiding readers in a smart way to become aware about your company, destination and products. Let us put you on the lips and minds of our chatters, journalists, and marketing experts.

You provide the content – or our team produces effective content about your destination, your organization and their stakeholders. 

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Guest postings and news releases  and 

(230,000 travel industry professionals, 1.3 million consumers, syndicated network reaching millions, Search, Google keyword news, EIN feeds, social media network) 

eTN Daily is published daily.

eTN Rush is published every hour and emailed to our most active readers. This is the fastest and most reliable way to get your news out to the world instantly.

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Media release 

(17,000 journalists and publications interested in travel & tourism, economic news)

Published daily

EIN Newswire 

Target: Concumers, journalists,  news blogs, many associated with major U.S. and international newspapers.

Additional social media exposure, Yahoo and Bing in addition to Google News.

Reports: Detail distribution reports
Reach: Global


Promotional offer or release 

(A series of blogs and social media targeting those looking for deals available on travel & tourism.)

Published daily

eTN German language edition

Media release or guest posting

(13,000+ German language travel industry readers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein. German social media, search) 

Published weekly

eTN Travel-Telegram

So you’ve got a newsletter. Great. 

Why don’t you use eTurboNews to send your newsletter to the world. 

A stand at major travel exhibitions these days easily costs over US$10,000. 

For a minuscule fraction of that you can let the world of travel and tourism know about the latest in your company’s or country’s travel and tourism industry. 

It has been proven that eTurboNews is the foremost online venue to disseminate information to the rest of the global travel and tourism. 

That is why the WHO IS WHO and EVERY major tourism organization are keento partner with us . The United Nations World Tourism Organization, the World Travel & Tourism Council, the World Travel Market, ITB , Skal International, Pacific Asia Travel Association, American Society of Travel Agents, Reed Expo, IMEX, MITTM, EIBTM, Arabian Travel Market  to name just a few, designate us as their media partner. To put it simply, because we deliver results.

eTN has been working successfully with tourism boards around the globe, including

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand 
  • Indonesia Tourism
  • Seychelles Tourism Board 
  • Vanilla Island Tourism Organization
  • Brunei Tourism 
  • Jordan Tourism Board 
  • Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau
  • Saudi Commission for Tourism 
  • California Tourism 
  • City of Madrid
  • City of Baden Baden Tourism Board 
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Board 
  • Maldives Tourism Board 
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board 
  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town Tourism Board 
  • Zambia Tourism Board
  • Ghana Tourism Board
  • Nigeria Tourism
  • Rwanda Tourism Development Board
  • Kenya Tourism
  • Uganda Tourism
  • Bahrain Convention Center 
  • Croatia Tourism Board
  • Qatar Tourism
  • Bahamas Tourism Board
  • Dubai Tourism
  • Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • St. Kitts Tourism
  • Trinidad  & Tobago Tourism 
  • Antigua Tourism
  • Croatia Tourism Board 

eTN  has been working with hotels and resorts including

  • Centara Hotels and Resorts
  • Corinthia Hotels
  • Hilton
  • Dusit
  • Accor
  • and many more

eTN works with tour operators and companies in the travel and tourism field including

  • Etihad Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Chauffeured Services
  • Roadtrips
  • Vacations for Less
  • Edelmann PR
  • Ogilvy PR
  • The Bradford Group
  • Airline Ambassadors
  • Access Fares
  • US Aid

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