Go on the road with the International Coalition of Tourism Partners

  • Road-shows in a different way. Team up with ICTP and non-competing tourism boards to meet travel professionals, journalists, and travelers interested in your destination
  • Explore key destinations, but also secondary destination summits in cities with great potential. Besides key cities like New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco ¬†ICTP had been very successful in the US Mid West, Mountain States or Far West for example.
  • Available in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland¬†


  • Have your own exclusive event
  • Training, information, bring experts, tour operators, and officials, or let ICTP experts represent you
  • Public Relation press roundtable included
  • Free advertising support for participants both from your destination and for those local agents attending
  • Reduce cost in joining with non-competing destinations or make it a regional outreach

Cost: Starting from $5,000.00


Contact [email protected] for more information or call +1-808-566-9900