Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation (CCEC)

The organization is a nature /Sundarbans conservation with local community participation. Explore the Sundarbans, UNESCO World Heritage site, the worlds largest mangrove forest biodiversity /treasure/wealth conservation through education and awareness involving school teacher-student-parents network.

Conduct sustainable harvesting training for Sundarbans resource dependent community for long term livelihood. Promote Sundarbans image among tourists through handicraft production/marketing involving women (rishi/indigenous munda community). Environmental educator having academic and professional background in environmental risk assessment. Son of Sundarbans soil.


by Mowdudur Rahman
FOR ICTP: Explore and attract ICTP based researcher/scientists/tourists through Sundarbans tourism promotion.

INTERESTED: Supporting projects enhance community based Sundarbans tourism

Mowdudur Rahman

Khulna, Bangladesh Chapter

+880 41 810982

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