African Tourist Magazine, Lagos, Nigeria

Having served as a very senior Editor on the tourism desk of various newspapers, and also as the Editor in chief of newspapers and Tourism magazines, i decided to publish an international tourism journal known as African Tourist which showcases the tourism potentials of Africa. The magazine is today partnering with tourism boards of different countries and tourism organisations in African continent and beyond. As the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, i attend tourism fora in different countries to keep the magazine abreast of tourism events in the world.

FOR ICTP MEMBERS: By publishing all tourism stories emanating from ICTP, and attending all tourism events organised by the organisation and its affiliate. Make meaningful contribution from time to time by presenting papers at such tourism events and contributing to discussions during conferences and other events.

Let ICTP organise from time to time visiting reporting for media members to different countries, this will continue to broaden their scope of tourism sites and adventure in the world It could be two times a year to different countries. Conferences should also be organised for media members from time to time.
by Adeyinka Adefunmiloye

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