Arabica Orient Tours, Oman

We are a midsize DMC based in Oman. We opened our doors to tourism in 2010. We have a small team of professionals having thorough knowledge of the destination and are dedicated to their work.

We have representative offices in Germany, France and Italy. We pride ourselves in offering the best service standards to all our visiting guests.

FOR ICTP MEMBERS: We will offer special rates to ICTP members who would like to visit Oman.

We would like to network with partners through whom I could promote Oman and Arabica Orient Tours and also promote other destinations and establish partnerships for outbound as well.

by Sanjay Bhattacharya


Arabica Orient Tours is a young and dynamic owner driven Destination Management Company that opened its doors to the world of tourism in 2010. Along with passion, commitment and discipline, our well-knit team converts its profound knowledge into haunting experiences for every guest.

Irrespective of the Oman‟s uniqueness, only an experienced Travel Expert can enhance to explore the destination through Omani eyes and to feel it with all senses. Arabica Orient Tours, with its more than 30 years of cumulative tourism experience, is happy to assist you:

Enjoy along with our aggregate nationwide resources the best comfort available in the tourism and hotel industry while getting a detailed vista of the beautiful nature.

As our business has been raised on the keynote “Devil is in the detail”, we are specialized in servicing small & medium sized global tour operators in order to give consideration to this statement and to provide premier experiences unparalleled in Oman.


Our quest is to provide high quality services to our clients and to exceed their expectations with an unforgettable and authentic experience. Thus, we always try to determine the perfect mix of ingredients for creating a product that fits best to our clients‟ preferences. As a sustainable tourism organization we are aware of our social responsibility. Hence, we always involve the local communities by initiating cultural encounters and exchange whilst preserving the beautiful nature for future generations.


In early 2010 we launched our business with the claim, to become distinguished as the most competitive and best service provider within the Omani Tourism Market. Since then, we have signed contracts and alliances with the majority of the hotels and tourist organizations of the country. In 2012 we have already been awarded as the “Second Best” Destination Management Company in Category B. In order to follow this path of success we always aspire toward being creative leaders and flexible innovators in Tourism. We want to be recognized for our professionalism and high quality cutting edge Services.

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