Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd, Zansibar, Tanzania

Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP), us a not-for-profit private marine park and forest reserve.
A Visitors’ Centre and eco-lodge built with state-of the-art eco-technology provide income for professional park management and Environmental Education programs for local schools. This has created the world’s first private marine park and is since 2000 fully sustained with income from ecotourism.
CHICOP has received most available renowned international awards and was explicitly mentioned as a showcase of Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) for sustainable coral reef conservation in the UN Secretary General’s report to the General Assembly on Protection of coral reefs for sustainable livelihoods and development, in preparation for the Rio+20 – United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 4-6 June 2012.

by Sibylle Riedmiller

Promote private sector involvement in nature conservation, e.g. through membership of The Long Run (, a network of private protected areas that are certified for top performance in the 4C’s, – Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.