Four Waves Travels Pvt.Ltd., Pune India, Maharashtra Pune, India

Four Waves offers a complete range of travel services, there is an opportunity to direct all travel expenses through a single channel. Additionally, this provides with a higher buying power and help us as travel managers to negotiate with the suppliers.

Consequently, this exercise proves to be both time saving and cost effective. We provide faster service delivery and personalized attention. We believe in adding value and delivering the best travel programs.

In an industry saturated with Travel agencies, special discounts and group tours, we believe in a service that is highly personal, authentic and haute couture. Getting to know our customers and their travel preferences is a very important tool which has been indeed a specialty of ours.

We request customers to give us a few moments to learn exactly what they want from their trip. We can discuss the type of hotel that works best for them, the amount of sightseeing or free time customer prefers, their activity level (beaches & spas or hiking & diving. and so on..), special interests, and the kind of experiences that inspires them.
We get it right or we make it right and we have stability and financial security as well. We have been in this business for many years and your money is safe with us. We are called Vacations Experts and are well traveled and have been through intensive training, which means we match the right option to each customer. We are experts in our business for every vacation and destination. We can find out everything customer needs to know. We have deals and vacation packages that customer won’t get anywhere else. We plan vacations at a cost. We are here for the customers and take care of things if they go wrong – Before, during and after the vacation.

We, work towards making travel programs stress-free, cost effective and exciting. We specializes in making custom plans and are actively involved in every stage from planning to implementation.

In India, particularly in Pune, we can spread the word about ICTP memberships and the advantages any Travel agency can have by enrolling for the ICTP membership.

by Rahul Pasarkar