Gems Bhutan Travels

Gems Bhutan Travels (GBT) is licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan (License # 1026466). Our tour guides and staffs are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and they continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge on travel industry. Our staffs are the shareholders of the company and they take pride in what they do.

We have excellent transport services to carry our guests to far corners of Bhutan. The founders have guided tours and treks all over Bhutan are well experienced adequate exposures to outside world. Our guiding principles are clients’ Service, Safety, Accountability, Happiness and Team Work. We go extra mile in meeting needs of our clients. Above all, we are trustworthy.

For further information, please visit Tourism Council of Bhutan’s website for more information on us-

Tourism in Bhutan is regulated by the government and the policy is-high value, low impact. However, we can provide some discount for the ICTP community and ensure that they have a trip of their life time through service and value for money.

ICTP is a wonderful organization and it is such a great privilege to be a member. Information the organization shares related to tourism is just wonderful, informative, interesting read, and a lot of learning.