International Delphic Council

The International Delphic Council (IDC) was founded 1994 in Berlin, Germany with the aim of reviving the Delphic Games, providing a unique Forum for Arts & Cultures of the world.

The Delphic games are historically a peace-engendering competition of the Arts. They first took place about 1000 year in ancient Greece prior to the first Olympic Games and had at the time a similar level of importance in society.

The Delphic Games contain of six art categories i.e. (1) Musical Arts & Sounds, (2) Performing Arts, (3) Language Arts, (4) Visual Arts, Social Arts & Communication, and (6) Ecological Arts & Architecture in form of competitions, presentations and exhibitions in four years interval.

Help for ICTP destination members: Branding cities, regions and nations become of utmost importance in a globalized world. The worldwide Delphic Games, worldwide Youth Delphic Games and Regional Delphiads providing Tourism, Entertainment, Business world as well as education platform to become a host of world artists and to host a peace initiative to the benefit of our children, grandchildren and future generation setting unforgettable benchmarks in the city, region and country.

IDC is interested in result oriented networking to educate the world citizens preserving unity in diversity.