Lebanese University: Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

This is the only branch for tourism and hospitality studies at the Lebanese University. It’s highly distinguished for its high standards and dedicated faculty of different tourism disciplines. so, due to high demand of the faculty’s graduates, all students are employed by public companies and agencies.

Since I’m specialized in cultural tourism,I’m mostly involved in teaching graduate courses in events management and supervising BA projects , MA internship and MA theses related to a wide variety of tourism topics and related activities.

Being very active on all tourism related issues through previous and current work in addition to being a member of Baalbeck International Festival, cultural tourism, the curator of its museum, and a specialist in events management, I think a lot could be done such as executing events for ICTP and providing updated tourism info about Lebanon and the region.




by Khadijah Lakkis, Beirut

ICTP Chapter Leader LEBANON