Maga Ramasamy, CSR & Sustainability Manager, Air Mauritius

Maga Ramasamy
CSR & Sustainability Manager, Air Mauritius

Maga Ramasamy presently works as CSR & Sustainability Manager at Air Mauritius .  He is the President of the Paille En Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius and also the Council Chairman of the World Airlines Clubs Association which Head Office is based in Montreal.  Maga is dedicated to Sustainability and believes that each airline traveler should be a responsible traveler including airline employees.  At all the international forums he made his voice heard as regards to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), child protection against sexual exploitation by tourists, effects and causes of climate change and sustainable tourism in general. Maga is an accredited Mediator and also a Part time lecturer at the University of Mauritius.  He is also the President of the IIPT chapter for the Indian Ocean islands (Mauritius, Seychelles, Comores, Madagascar, Reunion and Rodrigues).