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zthe Tourism Industry is not an activity that is limited to those who work in the hospitality or catering Services; rather it is an activity, which developed out of the need for social interaction for business and educational purposes. The Malta Tourism Society (MTS) was set up in May 2002 by a group of persons who shared this same ideology of an inclusive and diverse tourism industry. Membership of the Society is not limited to any specific sec… Read more

Julian Zarb has had thirty six years’ experience within the tourism industry, commencing with the first twenty five years within the Hospitality sector – working in both the Front of House as well as the Food and Beverage Departments of hotels and restaurants in both the UK and Malta; in 2003 he moved into the Public sector as Principal Officer within the Management Efficiency Unit, the Ministry for Infrastructure; as Senior Principal Officer and Assistant Director with the Consumer Affairs Directorate and the Ministry for Tourism and Culture and , more recently, as Director (Tourism) at the Ministry for Tourism and Culture. Julian Zarb has been involved with a number of NGOs, including, the Hotel and Catering Institutional Management Association (HCIMA) Malta Group (where he occupied the posts of Chair, Vice Chair, PR Officer and Editor; as Vice Chair and Secretary for the Malta Cookery and Food Association (MCFA; as Founder President of the Malta Tourism Society and as Vice President of the European Union of Tourism officers. Julian Zarb has also worked as a freelance tourism journalist and media presenter and producer – focusing on tourism focused programmes and articles, he was awarded the Tourism Journalist Award by the Ministry for Tourism in 2000 and 2003; he is a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Travel, Tourism and Culture at the University of Malta in International Tourism development, Sustainable tourism and Malta’s Tourism Development. Julian Zarb has presented a number of papers at various international and local conferences including the RGS and UNWTO;he has authored a book in Maltese on the History of Tourism in Malta and Gozo. Presently he is undertaking a doctoral study related to the process and implementation of local tourism planning in Malta.

by Julian Zarb


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