Max Haberstroh, Germany

International Consultant on Sustainable Tourism:
Dynamic champion of sustainable tourism development, with a total of 40+ years of professional experience, thereof some 20+ years of experience promoting and implementing responsible tourism strategies in diverse countries worldwide.

• Expertise in visionary, strategic and executive management of tourism development, promotion, and implementation projects.
• Creative concepts, a strong business and marketing acumen, with history of success transforming struggling regions through skilled tourism promotion and positioning.
• Proven expert in intercultural communication, with demonstrated skill building consensus for large-scale change.

I can contribute to ICTP members:

Intercultural Management • Integrated Branding (Corporate Identity / Mission/Vision Statements) • Integrated Marketing (focus: content/story telling) • Strategic Planning, Organisation, Restructuring • Cross-Sector Cooperation • Training and Advanced Training / Seminar/Workshop Design & Leadership • International Business Contacts / Networking • Stakeholder Relations and Consensus-Building • Media and Public Relations • Event Orchestration.

Interested in:

– How to use Travel & Tourism to give ‘sustainability’ a face? (via a global brand, like VISA, for instance)?
– Travel & Tourism’s real impact as a paramount ‘peace industry’?
– Travel & Tourism’s capability to synergize cross-industry cooperation (e.g. sustainable tourism & renewable energy & waste management), in an effort to boost environmental protection?
– How can Travel & Tourism be used as a tool to enhance education & training, including history/politics, georgraphy, and intercultural communication/cooperation?
– How can Travel & Tourism enhance its trendsetting capacity on lifestyles, human rights and ethical values?

Max Haberstroh

International Senior Consultant on Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

  1. Independent Consultant (self employed),
  2. UN World Tourism Organisation,
  3. national and international organizations, private business sector
  2. World Tourism Foundation (WTF)
  1. Academy of Tourism / Reiseverkehrsakademie Duesseldorf