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Headquartered yet in Lisbon, but also based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and soon in California (USA), the News4Travel produces information for tourism professionals, working with the entire production chain: official tourism bodies, hotels and hotel chains, tour operators, travel agencies, transportation – trains, car rental companies, cruise companies, airlines -, congresses and incentives, fairs and exhibitions, conventions, corporate, shopping, health, sports, attractions, among others.
With over 06 years of operation, the News4Travel offers news and specialized content through the e-magazine (
The N4TNEWS has become a reference in the Brazilian and American market when the subject is Tourism, but without neglecting other markets, focusing lately in Asia Pacific, in the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Latin America ones.
The N4TNEWS l is an e-magazine, which is undergoing an image processing operation, as it is being optimized in design and technology in order to provide other tools, as well as their better access to mobile and tablets. This will provide to its audience – target the latest information for businesses and global travel organizations, giving access to images, photos and videos in 4K (N4TvNews), company profiles, accommodation, tastes, attractions, shopping, sports, congresses and incentives, and the TOP Destinations, how to disclose a destination of choice, taking into account existing trends. Although not completed yet, it is already established as a unique medium in the travel and tourism segment having as its main target the consumer.
It is to establish itself as a world reference in the issue and consulted the tourism, due to its philosophy of intelligent information. Market Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings and Events has been established as a new key area, through its publications and in a short future on professional social networks.
The N4TNews is to provide the main actors with power tools market adapted to decision making. We want a better-informed and educated market, you can register a stronger growth and faster what to do with these tools. Thus, the N4TNews acts as a “catalyst” for the development of tourism industry.
We are now media partners with ASEAN Tourism Forum, ACE of Mice Exhibition, World Travel Market Latin America, COTTM, IT&CM China, FESTURIS (Gramado). Partners with ITB, IPW and ANSEDITUR

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