On Nice attack: Eastern Intelligence Security & Survival Co.

Posted by ICTP Member  Eastern Intelligence Security & Survival Co.

Dear Mr Steinmetz,

Further to the bulletin ICTP issued earlier today (FRI-15-JUL-2016), I

would respectfully ask you to consider the following:

1) Events are expected to get worse.

2) Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of your message (to keep

traveling), it might also be prudent to issue general advice to your

worldwide members/travelers along the lines of:

a) Avoid large gatherings of people

b) Maintain situational awareness

c) Have an agreed emergency plan

d) Have a departure plan using alternative methods/means of travel

d) Reconsider and review travel plans, in particular, to Western Europe

and the USA for the immediate future.

Note that these are general suggestions for review/consideration.  They

do not constitute specific advice or recommendations.

Rather than simply encouraging people to continue with existing travel

plans, it is surely (in light of recent ‘terrorist attacks’),

appropriate for travelers, and the travel industry as a whole, to

incorporate enhanced safety tactics/thinking – in order to help protect

life and security.


Eastern Intelligence Security & Survival Co.

Norfolk, UK.