Rangga Prasukmana Tour and Travel, Malang, East Java,Indonesia

I am a guide who often accompany clients from overseas to visit Indonesia. Special Java and Bali, I can organize for transport,hotel and accommodation. I arrange some trip like volcano and waterfall tour,beach tour for dive and surfing, heritage places tour , jungle trekking tour caving tour. Some period in a year, i do volunteer with my client for visit the low management school and teach them Basic English. My tour agency still concern to make large connection of visitor who will visit Indonesia.

I am concerned in living with natural and advance some opportunity for better living with others. some example which is positive to do with tourist who visit Indonesia, doing the volcano tour then always keep clean the site and teach the other if ignore, doing the jungle trekking then release some species of or doing the research, doing heritage tour then make an article. and the result can be share to ICTP community.

Membership with ICTP community is one of the support thing that i will improve my skill and think out the box. So ICTP is place which for sharing the true story of. my tour agent will be promoted and well known by overseas who will visit Indonesia. ICTP community can support me for update information about travel and tour. ICTP also the place that we are the partner.


by Rangga Prasukmana