South East Asia Dreams, Germany

Launched in 1986, formerly South East Asia Divers, we have concentrated our efforts in producing quality scuba diving experience around Phuket Island in Thailand. Quickly we discovered that our guests became members of our big family and requested our advice when it came to plan their next trip.

That was the time when we decided to expand our activities and South East Asia Dreams was born. Registered in Germany in July 2008 South East Asia Dreams quickly became an online boutique travel consulting / agency for its returning guests and specialized in customizing holiday packages within Southeast Asia.

Our goal and commitment to our valued guests and their holiday dreams means that one of our Travel Consultant will looking after each guests’ interests, from the moment they contact us until they safely return home from your dream holiday! The focus of our travel service relies more on quality, rather than quantity.

We believe that tourism must not only be sustainable, but it must also strive to make destinations better places. To identify, and minimize negative impact, adopt sustainable and responsible measures, support and engage local communities, and to communicate the importance in doing so. This will help to return trust in travel.

by Heike Garcon-Suiheran

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