Spirit of Remembrance Ltd, Kent, UK

Spirit of Remembrance continues to gain international prominence in its role as a global specialist for battlefield and remembrance travel and tours with its exemplary levels of customer service and its deep understanding of the culture, people and military history of the countries we visit.

We at ‘Spirit’ specifically honour those whose sacrifice through the centuries have given us the freedoms that we enjoy today. Our tailor made and small group battlefield tours focus on what famous World War 2 Field Marshal Wavell called the ‘actualities of war’ – how ordinary men met extraordinary challenges in the face of fear, fatigue, bad weather and a determined enemy.

Our tours are not just about the history of the particular conflict but to bring the past alive, using extensive research to ‘walk the very ground’ where relatives fought and fell. To this end we are fortunate to bring together an exceptional team of guides and key military and charity figures.

by Nikki Archer-Waring