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FERNANDO ZORNITTA, Environmentalist, Architect and Urban Planner, Specialist in Leisure and Recreation (School of Physical Education of UFRGS / Porto Alegre / BR); Specialist in Tourism (UNWTO-UN / Gov Italian / SIST-Roma /IT). Improvement stage in Tourism Planning at the University. Messina (Economic Geography Laboratory / Director Prof. Carmelo Cavallaro – Messina / IT). Doctoral Course attendance period in Planning and Regional Development at the University of Barcelona /ES (focused on tourism and research project in Latin America and the Caribbean). Realization Audiovisual Technician course and develops activities such as artist and designer. Has literary production – book and published technical articles. He has co-creator and co-founder of NGOs active in the areas of environment, film and video, sports and leisure – among others. Was member GTMA (Working Group Environment of CREA-CE – Regional Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy) for six years of GTPA – Working Group on Planning Accessibility also of CREA-CE) and member of FID-Forum Elderly and Disabilities Persons since 2006. Italian Brazilian citizenship. Domain Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and regular English. Born in Porto Alegre and twin Paulo Roberto Zornitta. Resides in Fortaleza, Cear√° (northeast), BR. E-mail: [email protected]

My interest is to contribute to human development through the activities that improve it; among them tourism, leisure and recreation, sports, arts, education and culture, science and spirituality. My main project – which I still intend to develop is entitled TOURISM IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TERRITORIAL OCCUPATION AND SUSTAINABILITY POLICIES, which was selected by the Scientific Committee of the First UNWTO World Conference on Intelligent Destinations, which can be accessed by link:

I would like to seek partnerships for its realization and also make myself available to members for any work anywhere in the world.

Fernando Zornitta



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