The Cultural Angle, Neutral Bay NSW, Australia

The Cultural Angle is a boutique consultancy founded by Dr. Birgit Trauer as a means to continue to foster education and learning that benefits the travel and tourism industry, destinations and the growing number of travellers globally.

It promotes increased awareness, understanding and welcome of diversity among all travellers and tourism professionals to encourage a culture of peace founded on empathy, tolerance and respect.

Birgit offers workshops and special events where she links the outer journeys of travel to the journeys within to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the benefits of travel for greater individual and societal wellbeing.

Birgit’s strength lies in her ability to combine her multi-faceted and extensive knowledge and skills gained through her experiences in industry and academia spanning over 20 years, all of which informs her work today. She draws on her expertise in social psychology of leisure, special interest and sustainable tourism, consumer behaviour, marketing and her understanding of culture, emotions and communication.

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by Birgit Trauer


The Cultural Angle seeks to contribute to the ICTP community by:
• Heightening the experiential value of services and products provided by ICTP members through client focused workshops, seminars and consultancies.
• Further promoting ICTP members’ products and services that facilitate travel and tourism experiences with a focus on sustainability and peace through our website.
• Sharing and increasing understanding and appreciation of the contribution that travel and tourism offers in promoting sustainability and peace through reflections and discussions as part of our website and social media outreach.

The Cultural Angle is keen to connect with individuals, businesses and organisations from within the travel, tourism, hospitality and events industries to explore new ways in reaching and involving all stakeholders, in particular all travellers in our common pursuits of creating a more sustainable and peaceful environment.

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