TourkeyF: Mustafa Ozcan, Istanbul, Turkey

TourkeyF is multilingual tourism news portal from professional to end-user. Now, TourkeyF is beta version website as Turkish. Its working on English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Czech and so on. Every news and article is localized for language spoken people.

TourkeyF will annouced paper based tourism magazine by 2017, which is completely free for all over the world. The magazine will be at least 1 million copy. TourkeyF paper-based magazine offers many opportunities as advertisement, sponsorship, supplements, special cover story. This opportunities already interested many city tourist boards, city promotion offices, airlines companies, tourism companies, also tourism authorities and minisiries. Please do not hesitate to send your interest about paper-based magazine opportunities:

by Mustafa Ozcan 

TourkeyF will support ICTP members to improve tourism based story. Also, offers special rates for TourkeyF website, TourkeyF paper based magazines and other TourkeyF opportunities.

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